The Review of 4 + 4 Days in Motion and Crime Scenes I.

Theatres of an overcrowded world

… the hard core of the festival was created by a series of performances from the field of post-dramatic – mostly dance – theatre. Internationally acknowledged authors and companies have appeared; their names are not familiar to people in the Czech Republic or only some of them know Teatr Cinema from Poland…

… to long for growing mass instincts or escape from them to the other side, to be a part of a parade or fall for motion anarchy – these are body reactions to a situation of an overcrowded world. The 4+4 Days in Motion festival puts its ear on its sweating chest and performed a diagnosis. It has become the Czech theatre-festival tiger…

Nina Vangeli, World and Theatre, December 2009


Twice about Four Days in Motion

… site-specific projects took place in a rapid succession during eight days; they mapped space inside a building as well as the surroundings. So called “city-walks” with various personalities were sold out and it seemed that the major part of festival fans is deeply interested in architecture. The ending was a discussion about works and heritage of Karel Prager followed by sophisticated acting-artistic project The Invisible – Acting in Sequences by Ján Mančuška that was presented on the inner stairs of the Federal Assembly building. The intention of festival organizers to map a potential of a building with ever-changing function-purpose and change the stereotypes did not sound very modest. After the end of the event, we can say that although site-specific theatre projects have been in our artistic environment only for ten years, the audience is getting more interested in events of this kind.

Eva Červinková, era 21, October 2009


Vladimir 518, David Vrbík, Ondřej Anděra – SPAM Karel Gott Prager

The monumental Chamber of Nations of the former Federal Assembly is an architectural question mark itself absorbed by Vladimír 518 with his audiovisual laser documentary about controversial architect Karel Prager. Digital images of sketches and designs and sometimes crazy architectural visions of Karel Prager (a pyramid on the Old Town Square) papered, widened, blew and deepened the whole interior of the space. Three petty human factors – Vladimír 518, Ondřej Anděra and David Vrbík – directed everything like three magicians and rumbling of Ondřej Anděra’s music samples soon entered our bodies and made us a part of the game. It was an absolutely non-traditional show. Nevertheless, an architecture lover would be infected even more by this SPAM than a dance critic.

Markéta Faustová, Dance Zone, 22nd October 2009


Yasmeen Godder dances on the wave of coolness

Israeli dancer and choreographer Yasmeen Godder created a bold study of human behaviour and mutual social connections in her staging called Singular Sensation. Subsequent confrontations of five dancers who model pointed or controversial situations in a curved space “at an apron”. Prejudices, atavisms and other hidden mechanisms of our behaviour emerge on the surface. A dance language is eclectic, universal. Some pictures evoke atmosphere of a language, coolness of a drama. Singular Sensation like cool drama dialogues harbours a message that a human being usually hides a fragile and vulnerable core under rough skin.

Julie Kočí, Dance Zone, 22nd October 2009



… defect, remedy, alteration, problem, diagnosis, research, laboratory: slogan A World without Fault? Visual artists, architects, dancers, lighting designers, musicians and other artists who met inside the house transformed their world around themselves. What is graceful about the house on Jungmannová Street is that people who never knew the festival even existed often met each other here. And so the 11th annual Four Days once again achieved its goal: to revitalize a public space through artistic activity and in a place where the citizens of Prague least expected it.

Veronika Bednářová, Reflex 


The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote: “If you watch Thaddeus Phillips on stage, you’ll have the same feeling as though you were on drugs”. I suppose that particular characteristic will apply not only to this performance, but to all productions that are part of the festival. Lately I think that that is one of the best recommendations.

Vladimír Hulec, cultural programme of the Reflex magazine


What caught your attention in your own field?

In the past few weeks, definitely the 4+4+4 Days in motion Festival. A gigantic connection of theatre and visual arts – an exceptional atmosphere.

Jiří Ptáček, Editor in Chief of Umělec magazine responds to a survey of the Reflex magazine 


Like in previous years, the organizers plan to introduce to the general public and primarily to the Prague citizens a unique theatre project created for a particular space, pairing it with the entire locale in a variety of contexts, drawing from the location and its genia loci…

Listy Prahy 1


When it began not quite ten years ago in December 1996, it really lasted four days and – like today – it concentrated on contemporary performing arts… The Festival situates itself in some theatre of an undiscovered locality, or in an abandoned building or one designed for another purpose, and there, performers and other artists settle with their spectators – like a group of holy squatters.




… the 4+4 Days in Motion Festival never let us down with its choice of an unusual location to experiment with movement, dance, theatre and digital media. This year the 10th annual festival combined unusual flavours and temperaments to the event in a very original way – from extreme heat to extreme cold, as well as many different palpable sensations and the best Prague orchestra of sounds from the zoo that the average spectator could not often identify…

Denisa Kera, Lidové noviny


The organizers of the 4+4 Days in Motion Festival prepared a one-of-a-kind theatre experiment for the Prague Zoo. The grand opening event this evening included the performance entitled, Not-A-Cat-Nor-A-Dog, which included the participation of dozens of actors, dancers and visual artists. The programme will continue in the zoo on Thursday, and tickets for the second show, like tonight’s performance, have already been already sold out…

Markéta Horešovská, ČTK